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U2 Nation to perform

Posted: 4/21/15

At the Start/Finish line of the White Plains Downtown Criterium on June 14, warm, up, recover, and restore your bodies at the White Plains Lifestyle and Leisure Expo. Gyms, specialty fitness centers, health practitioners, and more  will be hosting stations to promote happy, healthy, and positive lifestyles from 10am-2pm. At 12:30pm, enjoy a live performance by U2 Nation. There will be great music, food, and fun. For more information, go to

Leisure & Lifestyle Expo

White Plains Dynamic Announcing Duo Returns

Bill MontgomeryWe are happy to have Bill Montgomery and Andrew “Ace” McDade return to the announcing duties this year. Bill Montgomery has been a bike racer for over 25 years and has worked as an announcer to bike races including: The Harlem Criterium, Women's Sport and Fitness, New York State Districts, Mount Vernon Criterium, and Metro Tech Criterium.

Bill is a film and television actor, and knows the ins and outs of bicycle racing, which combine to make a unique presentation. As an actor, he has appeared in dramatic and comedic films and TV programs such as Secret Windows and Thirty Rock. Montgomery lives and works in New York City, and is a regular on the Gimbels ride.

Ace McDadeReturning as Bill’s partner in rhymes and good times, is Andrew “Ace” McDade, an old-school racer who has raced and lost to some of the best riders of his generation. For the record, he never lost to Greg Lemond. Never.          

A team lieutenant when Steve Bauer was at La Vie Claire, Ace is well aware of the enormous sacrifices and suffering necessary to become a champion.                                                                 

Ace is Life Member of NYC’s CRCA and has been hosting events, MC’ing and announcing and shedding blood, sweat, and skin at races throughout the US for over 30 years. Also a certified Spinning instructor, he daily gets to apply his race background. As a father of four girls, he is also a big supporter of the work NCADD/Westchester is doing for ALL of our kids.

Thanks to his New Rochelle-born mother, and his extensive collection of Matisyahu music, Ace has White Plains in his veins! Let’s light this candle!

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